Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much food do I get in my box?
A:The food in the box is whatever is at the peak of harvest during that week and that season. Some boxes might be fairly light weight and full of hearty greens while other boxes will be quite heavy from pounds of tomatoes, cucumbers, or winter squash. Every week is different. Some people complain of too much food while others  finish off the box by the weekend and buy even more from us at Farmers' Markets. Everyone’s eating habits and cooking styles are different, but we assure you will eat a lot more veggies when you join our CSA - and your body will thank you for it!

Q: Can I choose what I get?
A: The best of what we grow each week is harvested and packaged for you in your CSA box. We cannot customize CSA boxes and still keep our prices low.

Q: How can I communicate with my farmers?
A: Every week that you receive a CSA box you will receive two emails: Monday we will email you with our anticipated harvest for that week’s CSA plus any other notes and extras we may have available. 

Q: I forgot to pick up my CSA box, can I still get it?
A: We will try to keep your produce available the next day but we cannot keep it any longer than that.

Q: How much of the produce in your boxes is from your farm?
A:Over 95% of the produce in our CSA boxes has been grown here on our farm. Occasionally, we have a number of simultaneous harvest losses that we can’t overcome and/or we have another local farmer with sustainble practices that we want to support . In these instances, we will buy extra produce from trusted, local farms to fill the gaps.

Q: Are you certified organic?
A: We are not certified organic. Organic farming allows for the use of toxic organic pesticides, organic herbicides, and organic fungicides. While they generally don’t cause harm to us humans, these organic sprays are very detrimental to pollinators, especially bees, as well as to the entire community of beneficial insects in an ecosystem. Organic pesticides still kill indiscriminately, just like conventional pesticides! We practice what is often termed “Beyond Organic,” or "Organic 2.0." Organic farming also still encourages the use of plowing, discs and other tillage equipment which has proven to be highly detrimental to soil health and soil biology, and increases greenhouse gas emissions. While we support the organic movement - it is far better than the conventional alternative - we also believe that the organic movement needs to adopt even better management practices. We meet or exceed all organic standards, but we also strive to create a healthy, vibrant, natural ecosystem that is strong, biodiverse, and resilient... and that also happens to produce food for us humans! For more information on organic farming and our farming practices, join us for one of our fun, inspirational and informative Farm Tours.

Q: What do I do if I’m on vacation?
A: Consider having a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker take your CSA box. It’s something great to share with someone else!  Another option is to login to and change your status to vacation.  Please do not tell an employee to put you on vacation hold.  It’s prone to error.

We strive to maintain as much flexibility as is reasonable while still holding to the principles of CSA which allow us to provide food directly to your family at the lowest cost. Additionally we’ve found that the more changes in your CSA share, the greater the risk for error and we try to minimize that as much as possible. 

Q: Can I visit the farm?
A: We are working on a safe way to provide tours during this time of COVID.  Look for an update in our newsletter.

Q: Are you open to the public?
A: The farm store is open 10AM to 5PM Monday through Saturday and Sunday Noon to 5PM.

Thanks for your support!